About Elev8 Health

At Elev8 Health, we leverage our team’s extensive healthcare experience of over 20 years, both in and outside of the practice setting. Our Advanced Practitioner Program utilizes highly effective messaging to reduce advanced procedure churn and increase patient conversion rates while maintaining positive outcomes.

Additionally, our market development team can work with you to create a strategic, targeted plan to increase quality referrals and build a community around the procedures you offer. We’re dedicated to helping Interventional Pain Management Physicians succeed in their marketing efforts, and we’re proud to offer a range of services to support their

Our Mission

At Elev8 Health, our mission is to transform healthcare through technology. We are dedicated to providing innovative software solutions and consulting services that improve patient access, streamline processes, and reduce costs for healthcare providers and medical device companies alike.

Our goal is to assist healthcare professionals and empower medical device manufacturers to continually elevate the patient experience. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and regulatory compliance, and to continuously improving our products and services through collaboration, research, and passion for helping patients.

Meet the Team

Jamie Tipton


Jamie is a dynamic leader with 11 years of medical device industry experience . Most of his career has been spent in the interventional spine and pain space on the sales side. During that time he had the opportunity to work with multiple companies, launching disruptive technologies and using a 3rd party authorization company. He saw right away the value potential it had to physicians and their practices. He also saw where improvements could be made to bring additional value and improve the staff experience when using the service. So Authentic8 was born. He has a strong passion for medical technology and patients getting the procedure they need to live life to the fullest. In his spare time Jamie loves working out , cooking and spending time with his wife and best friend Amanda.

He has earned multiple president’s club awards in multiple specialties during this time. Originally from Baltimore, he went to college at East Carolina University for his undergraduate and from there lived in Charleston, SC before moving to Houston, TX where he resides today with his beautiful wife Amanda.

Matthew Riggi

Chief Operating Officer

Matt is a seasoned professional with over 14 years of experience developing cutting-edge healthcare software solutions. He has dedicated his career to enhancing healthcare by improving quality of care, increasing efficiency, and driving top and bottom-line revenue growth across the healthcare industry.

Matt received his undergrad degree from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Originally from New Jersey, he has spent most of his life in Charlotte where he has planted his roots. At home, Matt loves spending time with his amazing wife, Erika, and their four beautiful children. In his spare time Matt enjoys playing ice hockey, watching sports, and learning new skills.

Zach Lipps

Chief Technology Officer

With over 12 years of experience in healthcare technology, Zachary has established himself as a proficient engineer, primarily focused on developing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software and creating seamless data integrations across various healthcare systems. His extensive work in these areas highlights his ability to not only understand but also innovate in the complex landscape of healthcare IT. Zachary’s dedication to this sector has been driven by a passion for crafting user-centric, data-driven software solutions, ensuring they deliver the best possible user experience for healthcare professionals.

Zachary brings comprehensive expertise and a visionary approach. His leadership is defined by a commitment to innovation and excellence, fostering a team culture where collaborative efforts lead to groundbreaking advancements in healthcare technology. In this role, Zachary continues to focus on transforming the way healthcare providers interact with technology, aiming to significantly enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of patient care.

Lauren Super

Director of Finance & business Development

Lauren Super headshot

Lauren is a business development specialist with over 20 years of experience in financial planning & analysis, sales & marketing, customer service, and relationship development across a variety of industries.

Lauren attended North Carolina State University and now lives in Houston with her two spunky and strong-willed daughters and an assortment of rescue animals.

Lauren is a health and wellness advocate who teaches Pilates and also enjoys running, weight-training, and hiking.

Lauren Super headshot

Tia Rogers

Prior Authorization Service Manager

Tia specializes in the prior authorization life cycle and executed appeal management services for interventional spine surgeries with a 80% success rate throughout her career. She decided to leave the clinical side of pain management and now focuses on the management of high volume insurance prior authorizations and oversees our Authentic8 service line in its entirety.

Tia started in the medical field 10 years ago as a certified/ registered Medical Assistant. She worked for an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon for 7 years as his medical assistant and Surgical Coordinator. After 7 years in the orthopedic space. Tia entered the interventional pain management field and worked as Medical Assistant and Authorization Specialist directly for an interventional pain management office. She has extensive experience partnering with multiple medical device manufacturers as well as a patient consultant during a stint as a private consultant prior to joining the Elev8 Health team.  Tia wakes up everyday ready to play her part in making patients feel better and improving patient access successfully.

Christy Catalanotte

Prior Authorization and Patient Access Specialist

Christy Catalanotte
In 2014, Christy started in Healthcare as a biller/accounts receivable specialist for Calvary Healing Center. She worked her way up to assistant HR and senior biller/HR specialist. In 2022, Christy started at CVS/Aetna as a senior accounts receivable specialist and authorization specialist for JR Technologies.
She has a passion for helping patients gain access to the treatments they need to live a better quality of life.
Christy has a 17-year-old son who she loves watching play football. She loves to hike and travel to new places. She enjoys reading history books and loves hanging out with family and friends.
Christy Catalanotte

Kayleigh Hunter

prior authorization & appeal management specialist

Kayleigh started in the medical field 4 years ago as an insurance verification specialist working directly for an interventional pain management office. She then worked her way up to insurance verification manager. Kayleigh has a high success rate with approvals and extensive knowledge with the medical information needed for these approvals. She takes pride knowing she is helping improve the quality of the patient’s lives and will do her best to overcome all obstacles thrown her way.

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