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Patient Access Solutions

Prior Authorizations & Appeals Management

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Authentic8 Utilizes proprietary software and HIPAA compliant patient portal to streamline your prior authorization workflow specific to your technology and insurance requirements needed.

We handle all of the denials and appeal needs on the practice’s behalf. We do generate custom appeal letters around each patient if needed during the authorization process. Within the portal we integrate a chat feature for easy access to our authorization team and uploading of necessary clinical documentation. All of this was designed with the practice staff and physician time at the forefront.

Market Development & Practice Consulting

Market Development & Practice Consulting

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We are experts in laying out a strategic plan to help you, your patients, and your practice achieve your desired goals. Whether it’s conducting an NP and PA education seminar based on your advanced therapies, or implementing a targeted testimonial program using our in-house video team to generate website traffic and create content for social media campaigns, Elev8 Health has you covered. Additionally, our comprehensive prior authorization program assists your staff in managing appeals and expediting approvals, saving time and effort when dealing with insurance providers.

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